They say home is where the heart is.

Los Portales’ heart is in two very special places located in the heart of two wonderful cities that have opened THEIR hearts to us. And for that reason we love our community and are always willing to give back!

Los Portales is a proud sponsor of several little leagues and sports – soccer, baseball, softball, dance, cheer and many more. Educating our youth is of utmost importance and for that reason we continuously sponsor and contribute to students’ education. Our local churches are integral to the strength of a community; therefore, we do what we can by either donating food or gift certificates, or offering our abled hands. We also host fundraising events for local charities! And even though we may not always be able to financially contribute to a cause, event, team, etc., we make it point to donate to at least 90% of our applicants.

Always educating our staff….

We are proud to have teamed up with the Chino Valley Fire Department in receiving training on how to use the Automated and External Defibrillator and Trauma kit that was generously donated by Chino Valley Fire. Our staff is trained in hands-free CPR and components of Chino Valley Fire First Care Provider Program.